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My name is Wanna and I’m a Miniaturist
And I don’t really want to make a list
Of UnFinished Projects and unfilled houses
Or empty containers or stains on my blouses
Little tin boxes, clear glass jars
Scrubby holders and sewing machine drawers
Flower pots and coops for chickens
I scramble to buy them like the dickens
Miniature toasters, wee apple crates
Cups and saucers and … what else waits?
There isn’t time to get them all done
And they’ve come to taunt me, one by one
Cigar box houses, any cute container
I don’t mean to be a big complainer
But these small things take up all my spaces
And I can’t find any empty places
The kits are unfinished, the floors don’t fit
The walls’re unpapered, the lights aren’t lit
It’s all too embarrassing for me to take
Why would I count them, for goodness sake?
And across the internet I hear a mutter
I’m not the only one with all this clutter
Instead of UFOs and big time messings
Let’s take a deep breath - and count our blessings!


Many miniaturists are drawn to the challenge of smaller and smaller scales as their homes fill up with larger dollhouses. Others are attracted from the beginning. Although much detail is necessarily excluded in this smaller scale, Quarter Scale is not forgiving of mistakes. Photos show up every little glitch. Patience, a steady hand and the ability to stick one's tongue out just right while working are all necessary attributes, I have discovered.

In my case, the challenge and the pleasure for me (so far, at least) has been in working with the furniture and accessories, just as it is in the larger scale. I sure wish somebody would build me a neat quarter-scale house!

Here is an example of the two scales. In the larger scale, one inch equals twelve inches, and in the smaller, one inch equals forty-eight inches.













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