This was the first bed I ever "dressed" after I started in the miniatures hobby.

In my early days, my husband and I found a completed Greenleaf house at a secondhand store in Las Cruces, NM. It had been a child's play house and had received some wear and tear, but I was all excited and planned to turn it into a Christmas house.

I repainted bookcases, chairs and cabinets, etc., in red or green, found coordinating Christmas prints to use for curtains, table skirts, etc., and reworked some of the Greenleaf punch-out furniture, including a sofa and chair to go in the house. (You can see some of it in the Seasons pages.)

This little brass bed is slightly undersized, so worked beautifully for that house, leaving enough room for several interesting Christmas themed items to accessorize and decorate the Clauses' bedroom.

The dust ruffle is a print that I used with some of the upholstered furniture.

You can get a slightly better idea here of what the dust ruffle fabric looks like; the same pleated fabric is used on this dressing table stool. I also made decorative pillows from the coordinating fabric with the Christmas goose on it that was used for the cushion. And by the way, the base for this stool is a pizza box support "table."

The coverlet was made by stitching slightly gathered cotton lace onto a wider piece. Its lining is a dark green cotton which I used for curtains.

Not too long after my mother first moved to El Paso, we came across this wide heavy cotton lace at a fabric shop that is no longer in existence. It came on a bolt and we got yards and yards of it for practically nothing. The smaller all-cotton lace we got at the same time, and also purchased many yards of it as well. In decorating her aparment, we used both laces to trim pillows and decorative table toppers, even glued some to a hanging lamp for her bedroom - even had enough for me to trim the sides and neckline of a caftan that I made for myself, with some left over!

So, when I was thinking about the bed for my Christmas house, I used the last remnants of that fantastic purchase to make a "crocheted" bedspread. All in all, I felt pretty good about it and was planning to put the bed in Mr. and Mrs. Claus's bedroom along with all the other items I had made and/or remade to match the Christmasy color scheme. And then I realized something ....

Oh, you already noticed, eh? Yup, I had done it all backwards. The pillows were at the foot of the bed (and not done too well, either!)!

I was so disgusted with myself that I just left it as is (to keep me humble) - and I never have finished that Christmas house!

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