I have had these wonderful quilts for a long time, but for some reason find it very difficult to put them on a bed. Maybe it's because the person they belong to hasn't appeared in my head yet! Or maybe it's because I've been afraid I'd mess them up.

It does seem a shame not to have these out where I can enjoy seeing them. Maybe I better get busy redoing the McKinley so that I can show beds again. Or maybe I need to do another roombox for the guest room to showcase these quilts. I could have one on the bed and on a stand, or hanging ....

I made one complete pieced quilt for my mother, but that was enough for me. I also tried my hand at making yo-yo's once and decided to leave the work to experts, too.

Unfortunately, when we had computer problems I lost the names of the people who made both these quilts. If you are the maker of either, would you let me know, please?


My mother enjoyed quilting before her health prevented it and I started this quilt for her display lamp (See Display Lamps). It was intended to be in progress on a full-size quilt stand but the stand was too large to fit in the lamp. So, I finished the quilt, but didn't know what the heck I was doing and it came out stiff as a board. I had to do a lot of manipulating to make it "hang" on this smaller bedside stand.

This is the only quilt I ever finished and will probably be the last one. It was WORK.

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