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This special Serena Johnson crib, which I won in a contest, has been sitting inside one of my Living Room Curio Cabinets for quite some time, but it was hard for people to see its real beauty.

And then I came across this marvelous Baby Keepsake Curio Box from Bombay Company.

When I read its dimensions, 7.50"l x 7.50"w x 7.00"h, I knew it would be perfect to display the crib, along with a few other special baby items.


And since I never really wanted to do an entire baby roombox, it was ideal.

Here is an overview of the crib's interior, showing Serena's marvelous fabric techniques.

This little foot detail adds to the box's charm, complementing the teddy bear which keeps Baby company.

This dependable little watch bear was made by Viviana Kraulitis


Here is a view of Baby's decorative pillow, and a tiny crocheted cap made by my good friend Tayna, who does such marvelous dolls.

And here is its matching little dress.

These little items were also not very visible when the crib was inside the cabinet before.


Now they show up, sharing space with the braided heart rug made by Sadie Ludecke. Notice, also, how Serena has finished the crib's underskirt, as well.

That little shoe charm was a special gift from my dear late sister Kay.

The mouse is made of Fimo, but I can't recall if I purchased him or made him. I do remember that after purchasing similar mice, I decided to try my hand at making some of my own. He appears to be related to an Easter bunny who sits on a chair in my Easter Egg Dyeing dome.

The lamb pull toy has wool made of pulled ruffly bunka.

And I've had this wonderful goose for a long time. I think she was a purchase at one of the first miniature shows I attended.

Here is an overview of the draping of the crib blanket.

I have gotten great items for miniature use from Bombay Company, including their miniature furniture, and this Keepsake Curio Box is no exception. It allows me and others who spend time in our guest room to enjoy, close-up, some very special items.

What a shame that Bombay Company no longer exists in the US, although they still may be in Canada, I heard somewhere.

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