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This wonderful Eastlake bed occupies its own gift-type display box in my guest room. It was from Pam Kille of Etcetera, Etc., now retired, who sold such fantastic fabrics and trims.

I won it in a raffle at a Southwest Roundup in Roswell, NM. When my name was called as winner I screamed with joy and the rest of the room groaned in disappointment. Roswellians probably thought they were hearing a massacre or something from that hotel!

Is this gorgeous or what? It's all hand-tufted.

Look at those pillows! Can you imagine how long it took to gather that much lace, not even including all the lace everywhere else?


Here's an example of the quality work. Even the bedskirt is perfect.

Not only did I win the bed, I won all this, too. No wonder they groaned, you say, huh. I have a jewelry box with a stained glass lid that I am thinking about using for this dressing table and stool.

Not sure yet where I will use the chaise this time. It has appeared in various places over the years, too. That hat was a Christmas gift from a club member one year.

This perfume tray was included in the raffle prize, as well. Love that lipstick!


Unfortunately, I have probably collected 'way too many beds. I have several more, but haven't dressed them because I never did the wiring on the San Franciscan house or any of the other houses where they were supposed to go. Matter of fact, I have gotten rid of both houses because they made me feel guilty and took up too much room. Plus, I just learned that I am not a dollhouse person; I am mostly a storyteller.

I may put a bed in some future holiday or special occasion dome scene. I still enjoy dressing them; maybe I should start giving beds as gifts; let somebody else worry about where to put them!


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