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This bed belongs in Miss Minnie Sparks' house. The coverlet with attached bedskirt and matching pillow were a birthday gift from my friend, Josefina Allen, who does all kinds of exquisitive needlework despite severe arthritis. It is one of my treasures.


She used both cross-stitch and candle-wicking. I made the curtains.



This bed came with two bombe chests and was a great find. At first, I couldn't believe the price, but then I realized why it had been reduced. Two of the feet had been glued on backward, and a third one was splintered. Somebody was half asleep when they did that job! It probably took me less than ten minutes to repair and reglue the splintered foot, and about that long to pry off and reglue the backward feet.

I reupholstered it in a more masculine fabric and made tailored bolsters because I wanted to use it in a gentleman's setting; perhaps my professor's cabinet. However, I recently saw a photo of a similar bed with a fancy draped canopy so may redo it again.


Aren't these chests great? I still find it hard to believe I got all three pieces for less than probably the bed alone would've cost.

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