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A few years ago on one of the miniatures lists there was a contest where we were to write what we would do if we won the mini lottery. Rather than an essay, my entry was in the form of a poem, a copy of which I just came across again recently.

If I Won the Mini Lottery

I would really be makin’ hay
If a mini fortune came my way
This summer I’d take a class of Brooke’s
Purchase all the dollhouse books

Visit the Thorne Rooms, Titania’s Palace
Buy furry animals made by Alice
See the Museum of Carole/Barry Kaye
If the lottery would pay my way

What’s at Castine?
I’ve been so curious
My money’d go there fast and furious
I’d buy all of Eileen Vernon’s pottery
If could only win the lottery

I’d be delirious if Sandra Wall
Could teach me flower-making in the fall
Bev Gallerani’s plants and Wilga’s shoes
Would chase away the winter blues

I’d go to England in the spring
Indulge myself in one big fling
Buy china that was always out of bounds
If I could spend a million pounds

If all that money were truly mine
Chicago ’s show would be just fine
IGMA artisans could all prepare
With money no object, I’d be there

Dana Sippel’s Dolls of Romance
And Shirley Whitworth’s men in pants
Would share Judee’s beds and Nicole’s chairs
After climbing gorgeous spiral stairs

A d.Anne rug and fancy curtain
Would accentuate their playful flirtin’
Observed by at least one Claudon cat
In a Victorian house by Noel and Pat

Its lawns would have Bill Lankford’s trees
Helen David’s flowers would surely please
And it would be this miniaturist’s crowning glory
If I could live this fairy story

So ... when do I get my check?

(Oh, and I won the contest, too, but no prize ....)


NOW .... 2008

Well, things change; don't they?

Brooke's retired; I missed her class
Carole and Barry's Museum has passed
Dana Sippel is now a Burton
And I make my own d. Anne curtain

Shirley Whitworth's now remarried
Pat and Noel's houses are no longer carried
I cannot find a Claudon cat
And my crowning glory is still a hat

Oh well, dreaming of fortune 's a lotta rottery
Cause I never will win the mini lottery
Instead of millions of dollar bills
I'm going to settle for my Cheap Thrills!


But lordy, lordy, I did get to Chicago! Truly a Thrill, although one could hardly call it Cheap )

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