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Memorial Day Weekend 2009

This quick project began with three little souvenir buckets that once held dessert at a restaurant. My son looked at them when they had finished their meal and said, "You know, Nana could probably do something with these."

When we went to Lubbock for a visit recently Laura gave me the little buckets to take back to El Paso. "So you and I and Jenna can do a project when I come visit," she said.

Luckily, Laura and family were able to come to El Paso for Memorial Day Weekend and for the first time in a long time, both granddaughters were able to work on a project with Nana.

Jenna's Rudy is sniffing the yellow flowers while Trudy rests.

And Laura's Bailey and Bill relax after picking cabbage and carrots!



Of course, we had the Logan's Roadhouse buckets to begin their project, and when they started brainstorming, they came up with the ideas of gardens and bunnies.

I just happened to have four playful little bunnies in my stash that had once been glued inside a large clay flower pot turned on its side. They each chose the two they wanted.

At first we considered cardboard for a base, but I wanted something a bit more substantial and looked through my stash. These are the dividers that go inside those clear plastic Christmas balls and turned out to be perfect for our little scenes.

Since I didn't have a dome or cover for them, I asked the girls iif they would have some protected place, like behind the glass doors of a cabinet, where they could keep their projects, and they both said Yes.

Jenna and Laura have been doing projects with me since they were each five years old. After all these years, they have no doubt that they can do or make just about anything.

They surprised me this time; I had forgotten what experienced miniaturists they really have become. Both have very active imaginations, so they have no problems coming up with a story, and visualizing their finished settings comes easy. They know what they want to do, they have not forgotten ANY technique we've learned, and they move FAST!

And, fortunately, they remember how to use and take care of their tools and materials, as well.

They began by painting a good coat of glue on the bottom of their base. Notice, also, that Laura is wearing her workshirt so that her good clothes will be protected. Frankly, though, they aren't as messy as I am. It's Nana who gets all the paint and glue on her clothes!

Jenna's workshirt is also a t-shirt from my teaching days.

Their next step was to pour on a coffee ground and landscape foam mixture to form the grass and dirt of their little corner of the garden.

Here Laura has added more glue to some bare spots and is pouring on the excess that fell into the plate.


Step three was deciding on placement of their buckets and bunnies. Jenna decided she wanted hers on its side with one of the bunnies inside; Laura wanted hers standing upright.

Then I got out the plastic drawers of landscaping odds and ends so they could choose plants and flowers. By this time their bunnies were named: Rudy and Trudy, and Bill and Bailey. It was such fun watching and listening to the girls as they discussed what they wanted their bunnies to be doing that I forgot to take pictures as they finished their landscaping!

"I wonder if anyone can see me in here," Rudy asks.


Trudy, who has picked her flowers, kicks up her leg and replies, "Well, I can!"

What fun!


"That's a great head of cabbage," Bill says.

"And don't we love lettuce!

... and carrots!"

"Yep, we bunnies do like our vegetables!"

They don't lack for emotion, do they?

By the way ... Laura's hair, in a pony tail here, now comes just to her shoulders. It had been well below her waist, but she decided to have it cut to donate to Locks of Love (I think that's what it's called). Her long hair was braided, tied off, and then cut. What a gift that was for someone she doesn't even know.

It's become a tradition for me to take their pictures in this chair each year. They laugh as they squeeze themselves in. My, how grown up they have become!

(You can get a glimpse into the den of my mess on the table beside my chair where I've been showing them some of my Chicago purchases.)

The next time Laura comes for a visit, they tell me they want to work on dolls together. Nana can't wait!

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