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Decorating Clipping Boxes
Christmas, 2003

When we visited my grandchildren Joseph and Laura during the Christmas holidays, I had some really nice sturdy gift boxes from Kohl's that contained presents for them. For some reason, instead of doing the project which I had planned, we wound up doing a different one: decorating those boxes so that the kids could have a place to keep their little clippings and other paper goodies.

We first looked through magazines to find pictures and phrases that each child felt showed her or his personality and likes. Laura looked through pictures and Joseph and I read things aloud for her and she decided if she liked them or not. The children cut the pictures and words out until they had a nice sampling.

Then they arranged them in a pattern that they liked and glued them down. They coated the whole box top with glue to help seal all the edges. When dry, the glue gave a nice sheen and sturdy finish to the box.

This little poem says,

"She wears a rose in her hair
At the twilight's dreamy close
Her face is fair
Under the rose."

Who would've ever thought we would find the name Laura in our search?

The kids were quite pleased with their boxes, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Joseph with his, for some reason.

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