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Jenna and Laura Make

March 2006

Laura was able to come for a visit during Spring Break. Here she, still in her pj's, and Jenna, wearing her The Write People project workshirt as a nightshirt, have discovered my photo boxes and made an ingenious architectural creation.

Right after this photo, they both said, "Nana, we're ready to do a project!"

I had HOPED they might want to do a project, so had purchased these two little gingham rabbits at Michaels. They are being watched over here by Jenna's dog, who came along for the visit.

The first thing was to cut away the hanging loops, which I did because they were afraid they might cut into the rabbits ("and HURT them," Laura said).

I also cut away the tags.

They wanted to make hats and clothing for the rabbits, so here are some materials I gathered.

I thought we might try this double-sided adhesive tape.

I figured these laces might provide clothing possibilities.

I already had these two little hats to decorate.

And plenty of purchased ribbon roses.

However, it was too difficult to make the hats work because of the ears, and the rabbits were too small to do much in the way of clothing.

I cut away their original largish bows, and they simplified. Here is Jenna with her rabbit. He has a purple ribbon and a purple rose to match his purple decorated egg.

And Laura has a pink ribbon and pink rose to match her pink decorated egg.

Puppy Dog approves. Now what else do these rabbits need? An Easter basket!

These are the possibilities for Easter basket filling.

Rather than baskets, they decided to use these little plastic pails.

And guess what Nana has to put their little rabbits in! These clear house purses I had found at the dollar store.

We had to do a little calculating since the purses opened in the center. We decided the best thing to do was to make the entire base as one piece and put a piece of cardboard on the bottom. That way the cardboard could be glued to one side, and the other side could just slide under the entire thing.

Yep; he's going to fit.

Here is the beginning of the bases. They picked at the foam to roughen it up and make it more realistic, including around the sides. They also "un-squared" the corners.

They painted their bases with a mixture of dirt-colored paint and glue, then sprinkled on landscaping foam for the grass. Uneven coverage is good; makes it look more like grass with real dirt showing through.

While their bases dried, they took a little break for some ice cream.

This shows the paint and glue used on the bases.

They wanted chocolate rabbits to go in their little pails, so we used this paint and some tiny rabbits I had in my stash.

Boy, this rabbit is little, Nana!

But I'm getting there.

A perfect chocolate bunny!

Oops! She accidentally broke an ear. Well, the bunny rabbit has just already eaten one, we agreed.

Here Jenna has started arranging her setting. She was going to add the hat on the ground next to her rabbit, but it was too big.

They decided to call these Hippity-Hop Purses!

Jenna's rabbit looks pretty happy sitting there with his eggs and his Easter pail. And by the way, he is still sitting atop the bar in their kitchen, long after Easter. He's gotten lots of admiring glances, Jenna says.

And here's Laura's Hippity-Hop Purse which she took back to Lubbock.

We really like these, Nana, they say. We can carry them around to show our friends.

And, of course, they remembered that an artist always signs her work, so we glued this label to the bottom of the setting. ( After they added the smiley face stickers Laura added the Happy Day comment on her own.)

Two satisfied and creative granddaughters smile for Nana's camera just before they go home with their Hippity-Hop Purses.


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