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Easter 2007

It had been really neat creating those rockets during Spring Break with Joseph. Joel was still happily shooting them off when he spent the Easter weekend with us, but it wasn't nearly as much fun with Joseph gone back home to Lubbock.

However, he soon perked up when he discovered another locale for his battle scenarios, where his grandfather had begun pulling the weeds that had nearly taken over our winter-neglected back yard.

Hey, this is cool! Like a jungle! And then he began setting up his green and tan army men for battle...

... prepared more homemade matches-and-tin-foil-rockets ...

and the battle began!

The green unit is prepared to guard the supply convoy ...

... as the first truck leaves the location.

Steady, men; watch out that you don't come up short and hit our guys.

The tan force cries, Incoming! Incoming!

Get into the trees, men! Stop those trucks!

That's the sound of tanks coming. Where are OUR reinforcements?


Somebody get on that blankety-blank radio and call in OUR tanks.

Roger that! Give us your coordinates, Tan Force!

We can't hold out much longer! Forget the trucks! Hold your positions!

Hang in there, guys; help is on the way!

The first tan tank crashes through the jungle!

Yes! Now we'll get 'em on the run!

Not so fast! KABOOM!



Oops! Cosmic forces at work here, Mack Attack messing things up!

Mack asks, innocently, Did I do something?

Well, we thought the battles were over after Mack went tromping through, but later, we spotted movement in the big tree in back of our house. We peered up, and Wow! An aerial staging area.

Tan Force is advancing over a perilous terrain. One false move and quite a ways to fall.

Looks like some snipers are in place.

Well, so did Tan Force really expect to be the only ones to risk the high ground?

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