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July 2009

Ten year old Laura got to come for two full weeks this year! Having her tonsils out messed up her schedule with camp and bible school last year, so she hadn't been able to come at all.

In the midst of her computer time, snacking, watching the first 5 Harry Potter movies, games, tv watching, reading and general merriment, I was happy one day when she asked, "Are we going to do a project this year, Nana?"

"Well, sure we are," I nodded, "if you want to. What would you like to do?"

After some discussion and possible project ideas like fairies and horses or unicorns, her gaze looked over the mess in my work area and landed on a collection of Coke bottle caps that I had been saving. "What are those for, Nana?"

" I was thinking maybe we could use them to make cakes," I replied.

"Aha! I know what I want to do - a bake shop!" And that's how Laura's Three B's (for goodies from Beads, Buttons and Bottle Caps) Bakery came into being.

Doesn't this all look good enough to eat?

At Laura's Bake Shop one can find cakes for every occasion and season of the year:

Christmas ....

Valentines ....

St. Patrick's - or is that Halloween? lol

Easter ...

Summer Strawberry ...

Unfortunately, we didn't get a good closeup of the 4th of July cake after she added the blue star.

Halloween ...

Thanksgiving Chocolate Nut ...

General Fun ...

And lots of cookies!

Looks like this rack holds some great pies!

Caramel Cream ...

Strawberry ...

and Luscious Lime.


Hmm; after all that work baking and decorating, these delicious cookies don't really show up. We should have left the cover off, apparently. Notice that blue container? I suggested that since she had used pink and yellow in the other cupboard, maybe she should use another yellow one here. "That would be boring, Nana. I like a pop of surprise."


And speaking of surprises, I asked her why the money was in the floor. "The man delivering my baking supplies dropped it," she said.

Is your mouth watering yet? Looks like Today's Special is Red Volcano Cakes! And let's look closely at what's in that cupboard.

On top are three Christmas cakes...

And inside are New Year's star cakes ...

Good ol' Carrot Cake and White Frosted Bunny Cake...

Jellied blueberry and raspberry tarts and Frosted Sprinkles Pastries...

Chocolate Chip Bark Cookies ...

And last but not least, Eclairs!

Laura's Three B's Bake Shop has a Drive-Through, and this sign is posted beside the window:

So, whether you satisfy your sweet tooth now, or decide to custom order, we hope you will indulge yourself at Laura's Three B's Bake Shop!



Laura worked for almost a full week making her goodies for this project.

Thank goodness I have a substantial stash, with ready-made fruits and assorted bead oddments - and had saved all those bottle caps!

These paints are excellent for frostings. We learned that the Scribbles kept the best peaks for frostings and whipped cream; the others tended to spread out more.

Gloss white makes great boiled frosting; and of course the old familiar Spice Brown is great chocolate. I like the acrylic white in the tube because it is glossy and holds its peaks, too.

I have a large supply of old business cards, a great Cheap Thrill from my daughter-in-law. These are so helpful for so many purposes.

Thse are the basic tools used for this project, along with a spray bottle of water and paper towel squares.

Laura's work tray has a clean sheet of waxed paper on it. Here she has glued the bottle caps to business card squares so that she will have something to hold onto while she works on her cakes. Here she is beginning the gloss white base coating.

Here she has begun sorting through various sprinkles and has begun experimenting with the paints and sand and flocking and beads and confetti and punches to see how things looked.  I made a really neat American flag cake for the 4th of July and was dismayed to see how the paint just oozed out from my nice neat rows and dots so that the cake was too blobby to look good!

Here's where she learned that one paint spreads out more than the other.

She experimented with the brown Scribbles writer by painting bunny confetti. First, she put tiny dots of glue on the business card to hold the bunnies in place while she worked on them. (Notice here that I remembered to bring out the work shirt so she wouldn't mess up her nice clothes.)

She just put a blob of paint in the center then used a toothpick to pull it out to the edges. She was so happy with how the chocolate bunnies came out that she decided to make lemon chicks! Here she has also experimented with green Scribbles paint to make tree shapes, too.

After all that work, these delightful little treats didn't show up well inside those colored containers; wish I had thought in advance to leave the tops off. But she was satisfied.

I used the razor blade to loosen the bunnies and chicks as she didn't feel comfortable doing it.

In addition to bottle caps and various types of beads, Laura used buttons like these old ones from my mother's button box to make some of her desserts.

Here for example, are two pies made from these buttons.

I think it's been a good few days, Nana.

On this day she has begun making tarts, cookies and other pastries. (I forgot to mention that her Christmas and carrot and bunny cakes were made with erasers.) 

Thse cookies were made by coating white punch out confetti dots with parchment colored paint and a bit of fine sand.

The bell, ginger teddies and flower shapes were punched from brown cardboard. She used red paint on the bell cookies and parchment paint on the flowers. Here she is using eye shadow around the edges of the cookies for a just baked look.

After all that work, now comes the reward of gluing things in place. She spent a lot of time deciding what she wanted to glue where.

We used heart stickers from Martha Stewart for the cake doilies ...

... and large red coat buttons for the plates.

At first, she tried the heart with the point facing in, but she liked better the effect she got from the point facing down at the front of each cake plate.

Other containers were lids from plastic display boxes and little oval containers that I purchased after Easter one year.

They were lined with pieces cut from round doilies.

The last thing to make was the sign using PaintShopPro. She decided on pink and green because of the pink and green washes on the hutches. Although I did the original typing, she made the dimensional shading on the letters.

Here she has cut out her first sign to see how it will fit on the back of the wire rack.

And here she waits for the outside sign to print out.

Well, this is definitely too small, Nana. We can't even read it without a magnifying glass. Back to re-size!

She is satisfied with the wording and has added a sticker to her sign and is gluing the store sign in place.

It takes a little maneuvering to get it straight.

Now it's time to glue the pieces inside the roombox. The green hutch was given to me by my friend Michelle who is downsizing; she had lined it with gingham and added the lace trim on the shelf edges. I removed its original items.

This box isn't very deep, but came nicely finished and with a glass front that slides in from the side. It has two holes drilled in the back so that it can be hung. Laura wants her dad to hang it over their dining table so that everyone can enjoy her baking goodies. Laura's mother bakes wonderful cakes and makes special cookies from old family recipes during the holidays.

We had to cut the round ball feet off the legs and a curlicue from the top to make this fit. Here she is adding glue to the legs.

This Michaels hutch with the pink wash had doors, but I removed them for this project. I made that wash once when I didn't want to see some pretty colored water left from washing out paint brushes go to waste, so I just slopped it on a raw wood hutch! It came in handy for this project.

Here Laura is adding glue to the bottom before she sets it in place.

And here's that printed sign which she's rubbing into place!

She decided to print her Today's Special sign for the Red Volcano Cakes herself. (She had covered them with plastic wrap previously.)

Laura had lots of great ideas, and made far more goodies than actually would fit in the bake shop, which we are saving to use in future projects.  Hmm, maybe I should take a picture of all her "leftovers." lol

The last thing was sliding in the glass front and adding the label to the back, since an artist always signs her work. It reads: Made at Nana's House, July, 2009, with her name.

And here is Laura with her finished project just before we encased it with bubble wrap and placed it in a paper shopping bag to carry home to Lubbock.

Great job, Laura! Congratulations on finishing a very time-consuming project! I am looking forward to seeing pictures when your dad gets it hung on the wall over your dining table.

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