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While ten year old Laura was visiting this summer we looked through my doll making materials and I explained the process I use to make doll bodies and wig the dolls.

She was elated to see my stash of pipe cleaners. "Can I play with some of these, Nana?"

"Oh, sure," I said. "I have far more than I can use."

Throughout her stay Laura made all kinds of interesting figures and shapes with those pipe cleaners, all on her own.

While we were taking breaks from her project she would make something else...

... like snakes apparently passing the time of day.

(I just wish I had thought to take pictures of all of them because she took several home.)

One day, however, she said, "I have a present for you, Nana."

Behold my wonderful Pipe Cleaner Girl, sitting beside my computer!

"What is she doing?" I asked, wondering about the pink thing in her hand.

"Oh, she's istening to her music player," she said.

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