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December 2002

Because Laura was only four, I didn't want her first long-distance project to be too complicated.

Among my stash were these nesting Christmas boxes. One of these should be ideal for small furniture pieces, I thought; probably about three-quarter scale. So, I started trial-fitting.

And this is what I came up with. The little red chair is a piece from the 60's or earlier; the mirror on the wall was a stick-on intended for ornamenting clothing; the little clock was a decorative pin which I found at the dollar store, and the kitty was in my stash.

The only changes I made to these items was an antiquing wash on the clock to tone down its brassiness. I also repainted the kitten and gave her green eyes and a red bow.

I decided the box needed a plain floor and white walls, however, so that its designs would not compete with the furniture. The box's decorative outside was left as is.

The walls were cut from one continuous piece of white cardstock, folded and creased to form the corners and glued into place. The floor was cut from a cardstock printie and glued in place. Lastly, a narrow piece of strip wood was stained with a marker pen and glued to the back wall and sides for a finished look.

All the materials necessary to complete the scene were placed in Laura's kitty gift bag for her father to deliver. I also took a picture of the items in place in the box so that she could use it as a guide in finishing her box, if she chose to.

And here is the picture my son sent of Laura with her little kitty roombox.

(General Directions sent with this first project are in the Doing Long Distance Projects pages)

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