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November 2007

This was a project Jenna did in late November not long before I left for Dallas to help my sister after her surgery.

This is a Michaels hutch, door removed and painted white.

I gathered up miscellaneous holiday themed items that she could choose from.

She decided that her cupboard would have one shelf with boy things, and another with girl things. Here she is sorting boy items.

I like doing these projects, Nana, she said.

She begins to glue things in place, after doing some trial fitting to see what would work. And she managed to fit in quite a bit!

This is the girl's shelf.

And this is the boy's shelf.

We used the plaid blanket throw for some color, texture and contrast. Oops! Looks like some paint dripped - or is that snow?

Hmmm; a good learning experience. We decided in future it would be better to do exterior gloppy stuff first and let it dry before filling the cupboard, although normally we finish the inside of the cupboard first.

A cute little dolly hiding behind that tree. We forgot to add the red for her mouth, I see!

And this wooden fellow needs something around his neck, doesn't he?

Maybe a nice scarf like this teddy has ....

This house is made out of clay.

How did that cat get in among the toys?

He looks like he's wondering how to get out, Jenna comments.

These look like toys my husband might've had.

And there's a Drummer and a Baby Jesus, along with wrapping paper rolls and a Christmas card.


And an airplane and a wrapped package ....

That police car looks like a wind-up one that my son had when he was a little boy. It had a flashing light on top, and nearly drove me crazy with its siren noise!

The oddly suspended ball actually came glued to the bat. Perhaps it might've been better to cut it loose, but Jenna was satisfied with it. She said, "Well, Nana, it's propped there between the bat and the wall. That'll work."

The greeting glued to the back wall was a piece of Christmas confetti.

Looks like somebody's still wrapping last minute gifts!

And here's the scene on top. This is where that paint/snow was coming from, dripping off the edges!

The penguin doesn't show up very well in the photo. It might have been better if he had been more by himself, away from the trees, but Jenna probably thinks I'm too picky, so I didn't say anything. The whole Christmas Cupboard looks darn cute.

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