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My grandchildren Jenna and Joel spent the weekend this spring while I was working on the bicycle for Senor Fernando's Aguas Frescas cart. Among the items in the container with the bicycles were some small plastic boxes I had purchased that reminded me of ice chests. I had one out, thinking that I might use it to tie onto the back of Senor Fernando's cart, when Jenna saw it.

One thing led to another, and before you could say agua fresca, Jenna was planning to fill her ice chest.

Jenna's Ice Chest

Well, what do we take on a picnic? Weenies!

Here Jenna is gluing her weenies to a paper plate. So eager is she to get started, she is still in her pajamas!

Using a toothpick, she coats the paper container (a small square of paper with the sides folded up) with glue.

As Jenna was finishing up her ice chest, Joel wandered in and decided he wanted to do an ice chest, too. So, I raided my stash for more food and drink items.

He decided he wanted cold cuts, along with cheese and mustard, etc.

You notice the piece of styrofoam to the right? That was the base upon which they glued their food and drinks. After everything was in place, they glued "ice" chips (small pieces of cut-up plastic canvas) around the items.

Here is Jenna's filled ice chest.

I didn't get a clear picture, unfortunately, but to the right of the 7-Up can is a jar of mustard. To make it, I used the orange handled cutting tool shown above to snip off part of the top of a yellow push pin. For a lid, they painted the remaining narrow part black and then pushed the pin into the ice. What shows is the top and lid of a mustard jar!

"I want to surprise my teacher and my friends when they open this, Nana," Jenna said, as I took the closeup of her ice chest.

So, we tied ribbon through the handle on top and now she has an ice chest necklace. No doubt that will be a surprise when she opens it to show her friends!

Here's Joel's finished ice chest, with cold cuts, cheese, mustard, oranges, soft drinks and watermelon.

"What do you want to call your project, Joel?" I asked, as I took his picture.

"Mine is 'An Ice Chest for the Gods!'" he said.

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