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Once there was a scientist who also liked to invent things. He loved to play around and make random stuff, too.

One day he was watching a movie with bunches of deer and what they did and got an idea. I want to make a deer, but I don't have enough supplies. What shall I do? He decided to make a sketch, so he found some cardboard and drew what he wanted.

Later when he was searching for something to make the exterior he found some old brass and used that.

He put a little engine in the belly and used wires to go out and make the parts move. There was one flaw that he didn't know about his deer; if the deer got over two miles away from him, it would become its own thing so it could do whatever it wanted.

A few days later after he finished he decided to find the highest tree in the forest and try out his creation.

As he was controlling it with a remote control from high in the tree, he looked down and the deer was not doing all the movements he wanted it to do.


What is the matter? he wondered.

I thought I created it so it would do whatever I wanted, but it's not acting right. It's starting to do other things. What IS the matter?

As the scientist was thinking about his problem, he saw REAL deer in the distance.

He looked down to find that the brass deer's head was turning toward the real deer. He kept trying to control it, but it wouldn't do anything he wanted. As he tried the controls again, he looked down and his deer wasn't in sight! He hadn't noticed that the deer had gotten up and had run away with the real deer. Disappointed, the scientist climbed down from the tree and started to search for the brass deer.

Meanwhile, the real deer were staring at the stranger with questions in their eyes, but couldn't ask them. The stranger didn't notice the other deer's questioning reaction because he was confused, too.

However, they accepted him into their group. It was hard for him to move his legs and keep up with the deer but he managed to stay with them.

Later, as the inventor searched, clouds began to form and rain started to fall down. When it got heavier he started to worry because he didn't know what would happen to his deer when the rain hit him.


At the same time, the brass deer's legs and head were not moving as well, so he decided to lie down in hopes that he would be able move better. After he finished resting, when he tried to get up nothing would move. He tried and tried to move but he couldn't and he got scared. His little jaws wouldn't work when he tried to call to the other deer and soon he was just there while the others were moving on, not knowing that the brass deer wasn't with them.

In the morning, the inventor decided to search for his brass deer. After a while, he started to lose hope of ever finding it.

Just then, he saw a little shimmer in the distance. He smiled and ran to it. He was so surprised to see the brass deer but then he noticed his deer was not doing anything. He thought, I don't think the deer is alive any more! I wonder what happened. Was it the rain? Had something scared it so bad it froze? I'm just full of questions. He sat by the deer for a while, but when he decided to go back to his home, he left it there, afraid that if he tried to move it, it would further damage it.

For a while he visited the brass deer, but soon he thought that he could make another creation and after a long while, he soon forgot about his first creation.

As the years passed, the brass deer lay there in the exact same spot in the forest, full of memories and mystery. Even if wild animals tried to attack it, nothing would happen.

But every night on a full moon the deer that had accompanied him always came and circled him to see if he was all right.



I found these pictures when I was doing some maintenance on my website, and although it was a year ago, I wanted to share them because they are special.

This story by then-10-year old Laura began when she got a camera for Christmas in 2009. She happily went around her house taking pictures of everyone and everything as she learned how to use her new camera.

Including brother Joseph in the recliner ...

And the angel atop their tree ...

And the tree itself ...

Down to Kitty One under the tree ...

And Kitty Two saying, Whatzat?

So, when her dad drove the family to El Paso so they could spend the week after Christmas with us, she brought along her new camera.

One of the things which she photographed after they got to El Paso was a brass deer which has been part of our Christmas decorations for many years. Laura already knew that one of the ways I work on a story is to take pictures of my creations from all angles to give the suggestion of movement and life, and so that's what she did as she turned the deer this way and that.

Laura and I went to lunch during that week and in the restaurant we were talking about her photographs and that's when she began spinning a story about the brass deer. I was just thrilled and could hardly wait to get it written down when we got home.

Then she chose from her pictures the ones to use for this story. I helped her with some of the cropping and resizing and we both looked for other compatible pictures to use with her photographs to advance her story.

I am so proud of her, and I understand that her writing has won awards at her school this past year.

So, even though it's a year late, better late than never!


NOTE: Here is the letter I got from Laura after she saw the story on my website:

Dear Nana,

Well, i got on the computer today and remembered to look at your website. I found the brass deer story and i remember it like it was just yesterday that i came up with it. I'm so glad you found it! I feel happy that many people have read my deer story and find it entertaining! Did i give you the pics of my cats and tree? I don't remember doing that... Oh well, at least i got to spend time with you and papaw last year.

Everything is going well here, and i got some new black slippers that are very comfy. Joseph got a blue and white jacket, but, he has already got it dirty. I decided to put the check I got from you and Papaw, and put in my savings account to use later.

I hope everything is well there, and i hope to see you soon! xoxoxo

Your granddaughter,




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