October 2002

This scene was made when my youngest grandchildren saw my old Halloween setting and wanted to make witches' food. It uses very inexpensive wooden, metal and plastic pieces. This was my prototype. The kids' scenes varied, depending on whether they used similar wooden pieces or the inexpensive wire wicker ones.

I gave each grandchild a collection of little resin pieces picked up on clearance after Halloween the year before. They used these to decorate their cupboards and tables. We also use various wooden beads as pots for dead or dying plants we made from dried greenery.

The dust is real; witches are not finicky housekeepers.

Our witch keeps a well-stocked cupboard. The "dessert" on the white plate behind the mouse is really a button; I just dropped some yellow-tinted glue into it. The "critter" emerging from the shell on the right side of the top shelf is some kind of tuberous thing that came off a piece of seaweed that I picked up on the West coast.

That's a bat hanging from the cupboard door on the left.

Making the witch's cape and hat was a good lesson on how to avoid using too much glue. We decided all that glue spotting wouldn't look good on a regular person's black clothing, but was okay for a witch who wasn't too particular about visiting the dry cleaner's..

The frog in the cage may be a prince. The kids wanted to be sure he is fed, so they made a fresh-fly-food container for him. Poppyseed flies were glued inside a gelatin capsule placed upside down as a dome on a sequin base. Didn't think to get a picture of it.

On our witch's own supper plate are dragon's eyeballs, among other goodies. The kids also made roasted pigs' tails (white florist wire painted pink, wound around a skewer, then cut into pieces), Gruesome Stew (look in the black pot on the table), Questionable Scramble, etc.

They also selected from my store of appropriately titled books. The placemats were cut from colored greeting card envelopes. Each child made a chair cushion, a napkin in a ring and fringed a piece of cloth for his or her table cover.

The kids displayed their trick or treat bags on standing coat racks. Each one selected a wooden Halloween object to glue on top.


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