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with a Garden Room Setting
July, 2003

My mother always loved my display lamp, so one Christmas we ordered one like it for her. Mother had made quilts for each of us, and had made one for each of the older grandchildren until she was no longer able. So, for her lamp, I made a scene that included a chair similar to hers, with a small table next to it, a little desk, and accessories like a lamp, her coffee cup and a piece of pie. And it included the only miniature quilt I ever completed and I never plan to make another! (See Beds and Linens, Quilts)

Originally the quilt was to be stretched on a frame, but the frame was too large to fit in the lamp. I put it on a quilt stand instead and included a basket of quilt squares next to her chair, a partially done bit of piecing along with her sewing basket, glasses and scissors, etc. The lamp with its quilting scene sat on a table beside her chair for several years and she said she always enjoyed looking at it every time she reached for her coffee cup. I never thought to take a picture of that setting, and when she passed away, I brought the lamp home, but it was too painful leaving everything as it was. I have been using it for seasonal displays instead. One of these days I will make another quilting scene, no doubt; just not in that lamp.I often add some items to the lamp to suggest the seasons. (See also Christmas Additions to Mother's Lamp in the Seasonal pages).

Here the lamp is being used as a garden room. Several of these items are now in a more permanent garden room setting in a pretty glass terrarium that my daughter gave me. I need to remember to get pictures ....

I purchased the couch and chair several years ago and never really used them much. Then I just happened to come across a piece of coordinating fabric and used it as a topper on the skirted table. I stole the pillow on the sofa from Miss Minnie's house because it blended so well with the other fabrics. "Honey, one pillow is plenty on my small brass daybed," she said. "Otherwise, I get too cramped anyway," she graciously told me.

The cat in the background was sculpted by my friend Emalee Knadle of Roswell NM. That cat on the pillow also moves around through my various settings, too!


I bought the little wooden geese at a show once; the watering can is one of those metal ones found everywhere. The coleus was a gift in a MiniProjects plant swap.

The wonderful pastel throw was a gift from Lisa Trainor. The cat came with the resin wicker chair. I made the fern, which sits on a chess piece stand.

I made the wicker and twig basket and its plants; the other plants were table gifts at different conventions. Unfortunately, I didn't keep very good records in those days, and the makers didn't sign their creations.

My daughter made the heart pillow. My mother would've liked this scene; she really enjoyed plants and gardening. "I just like to watch things grow," she used to say.

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