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Mother's Christmas Tree
in the Lamp

December, 2007

This year I used a Christmas tree in the second lamp. It was one that I had made for my mother. For more details on Mother's Christmas tree, go here.

Because of the prominence of red in this tree, I added a decorated fireplace previously used in other settings because it had red or red trimmed stockings. For more close-up photos of the Christmas Fireplace go here.

The marble topped coffee table was purchased from a friend who used to have a shop in her home. It's been around a while, as has the arrangement on it. I noticed this year that the brass container now has a verdigris finish - naturally.

Looks like somebody has left a snack for Santa.

The white sofa needed some color , so I added a velvet throw and a poinsettia pillow. I covered the sofa with cling wrap before I made the throw, using FabriTac for the draping. When it dried, the throw could be lifted right off the plastic and the sofa fabric was unharmed. It also allows the sofa to be used alone again, too.

My daughter has made me several needlework pilows, but I don't know if this poinsettia pillow was her work or not. It is very nicely done.

Well, there's the cat who lives in the display lamp. Looks like he has managed to get one of those stockings off the fireplace mantel!

I enjoyed using Mother's little tree this year, but I didn't include other items that used to appear in her lamp. I had a really hard time when I came across the little tray of hot chocolate mugs, labeled with the names of Mother and my two sisters, one of whom passed away this year. Perhaps I will be able to include them in some future Christmas display ...



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