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I have always loved my McKinley wallhanger, and looked for YEARS for the half inch version. Dottie in Tucson le me know she had one, and my husband picked it up for me on one of his trips to Tucson for a mountain bike race. (I understand now that Greenleaf is once again issuing this delightful little house.)

After lusting after it for so long, it's been perched atop my miniatures shelves in one of our guest bedrooms for two or three years (back facing out in this picture). I have been collecting furniture for it, however, and now I finally know who lives in it - a family of mice; a gift from Helen in Honeychurch during the Chicago International.

I joined the Yahoo halfscale group in order to get more familiar with this scale so that I could make accessories and flower arrangements and plants for the Mouse House. Maybe this will be one of my major Don't Second Guess Yourself, Just Do It projects in the new year. All I have to do is fill it up!

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