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My husband bought the kit for this house for me one Christmas. It was finally completed as a collaboration with a local miniaturist friend who loved building and hated decorating, while I don't like building but love to decorate!

She made me an offer: "You make stuff for and decorate my house, and I will put together yours." I thought that was a terrific idea, and happily accepted. Over a period of months I made all kinds of furnishings, window treatments and accessories and decorated her dollhouse room by room, while she worked on this house. It was quite tedious and the instructions were difficult to follow (I understand later kits go together much better), so I paid her extra for her efforts. Then she remarried and moved away before she got around to the wiring.

Well, I figured I could learn how to wire it; surely. And I had plans to do more to it, adding some decorative elements, etc.

But it sat there in one of our guest rooms taking up space for years and all it did was make me feel guilty every time I looked at it because I didn't have any desire to do anything with it. I accumulated all kinds of nice furniture, but when I placed it around inside, nothing sparked for me.

Somehow, nobody EVER came to life in my imagination to live in that house. Finally, I said to heck with it, and gave it away. And I don't feel guilty, either.

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