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May, 2006

Bea and her Junk Yard were made as part of a group project on the MiniDolls list. (You can read the story of my visit to her Junk Yard here.)

Bea was a makeover which I repainted, rewigged and redressed. Her hair was made from a little fat silk tassel from some decorative tassel fringe. It looks better in real life than it does in these photos. The lighting gives it the odd variegated look.

I made her outfit from a piece of wonderful rayon print with several different design elements in it; some remind me of African or Moorish motifs. I coated the back of the fabric with a thin coat of glue spread with an old credit card and let it dry. When I cut the pieces out there was no raveling and no need for hemming, except for the bottom of her blouse where a hem was necessary to get the correct length. I used three different designs for her costume: one print for her top, the solid black banded with gold for the sleeves and collar, and the black banded with stripes for her pants legs.

Her purse is made of a very lightweight leather, and the strap is red satin ribbon, painted. I repainted her shoes to match the purse.

Her hat band and trim is another design motif from that same piece of fabric.

I finished her on the morning of Mother's Day, and set her on the coffee table next to the beautiful bouquet which had come from my daughter and her family.

My husband walked in, took one look, and said , "Hey, I see you made yourself!"

"What?" I asked.

"Sure," he said. "See, she wears a hat like you do, and waves her hands in the air like you do."

"And carries a purse on her shoulder like you do ... "

"And has her mouth open all the time like you do!"

Well! What could I say? I have created myself! (And shortly after this picture was taken, I quit putting a rinse on my hair, and boy do I REALLY look like her now! lol)

Since my middle name is just the initial B., I decided to name her Bea!

Oh, yes - and since then, I paid another visit to Bea to see the Bathtub Madonna that she created for her back yard. Hope you'll enjoy that, too.

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