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(You can read about my visit with Fluenza here.)

Fluenza was originally an elf which I was working on for a contest on the MiniDolls list, but he kept telling me he was a she. I finally gave in and as I stripped off his hat and hair, my eye fell on a strange little glittery tassel that I had purchased in the after-Christmas sales. I plunked the tassel atop the elf's head and bingo! That elf wasn't kidding! He wasn't meant to be an elf; he WAS a woman, and a rather mysterious one at that - and that glittery tassel became her hair.

I had such fun making Fluenza, but wasted a lot of effort because I added details too soon.

For example, I went to a lot of trouble with her dress. It has pearls added as trim, a lovely collar and some nifty sleeves - and most of it is covered by her cloak!

I also went to a lot of trouble to make the right glittery drop earrings, and they don't show, either!

If you want to find out who this rather mysterious person is, and why she's carrying all those odd accessories, you can read all about how I met Fluenza, The Cold Queen here.


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