This little dome is about four inches tall. It holds a watch case which was originally designed to be worn as a pin. It proved to be too heavy for me as a pin, though, although it can be worn on a chain as a necklace.

For many years it was displayed in this little dome in my guestroom.

I made this in a Saturday workshop with my mentor, Patsy McNally, back in the late 80s.

We began with a flat back painted doll's face glued to the back of the case. A tiny lace edging was then glued around the face (only one small bit of it shows at the left here). Another tiny piece of lace was glued below the chin to form a collar.

For the hair, one long curl was formed around a needle, dampened, and allowed to dry. Then it was cut into pieces. Three curls were glued to the left side of the face above the ear, two to the right. One bit of curl was frizzed out and glued to forehead for bangs.

Next a ruching of blue silk ribbon was applied over the bangs. Tiny knots of different colors of silk ribbon formed the flowers. Pulled pink bunka formed the outer edge of the bonnet. Lastly, a pink silk bow was glued over the two curls on the right.

This little face in the watch case now resides on shelves with several full-size clocks and a roombox, The Time Traveller's Parlor, in the living room.

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