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The story of my encounter with Anachronon the Alchemist can be found here.

Anachronon existed in my imagination from the time I made his cart in 2005, but when I first created him in January 2011 I was quite disappointed. The kit included fabric for a blue robe and wizard's hat which did not work for me at all.

I deliberately re-made him in more subdued colors of brown and black (the robe's trim and his hat are made of black leather and suede). I still wasn't satisfied after I gave him his wig and beard, although I felt a lot better when I made the Leonardo Da Vinci type hat. However, I could not get his porcelain parts to look as natural in posture as I wanted.

Sometimes a change in posture or costuming can make all the difference, so when I got him out again I had decided to use a dome for this setting. With a different chair and the addition of a table, I had a clearer idea of what I was wanting him to do because of the purchase of a wonderful orrerry from the late Mel Koplin. So, I asked my dear husband to pose for me so that I could get a realistic posture.

Thus, my alchemist's legs and body are shaped like his ...

... although they don't really show, the draping of his robe is accurate around them. At this point, although his hands are just out in thin air, I know I want him holding the orrery.

Here his right hand is glued realistically in place and the left will wait until other items are placed in the scene.

A bit of color was added with his shirt which I made from a piece of decorative ribbon. He was originally wearing a different necklace, but when I came across the keys and the gold coins in my stash, I knew just how I wanted to use them.

And when I put his glasses on, he became real for me.

In the final setting, the left hand rests on a book on the table.












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