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The Cow That Jumped ... Well, Almost


This was going to be my entry in the second Luck of the Draw Contest on the MSAT MiniDolls list. Unfortunately, even though I had her completely finished by Friday of the weekend she was due, that was the same weekend that my website exceeded its bandwidth and shut down. I was in such a state trying to figure out what was going on that I let the deadline slip by, thinking it was Monday instead of Sunday, so didn't get Bossy in the contest after all.

Oh well. It was fun doing her.

This was the packet I received. The black and white print is all cotton and glued beautifully, as did the white tulle, but the pink and the black heavy lacy stuff; boy howdy, as my grampa used to say in Oklahoma.

When I saw those colors - black, white and pink - and saw the milk carton in the round plastic box, I thought, COW! Now what could I do with a cow ....

Then I remembered that I had this undressed cow doll from years before, and a wonderful copper and brass moon face that I had intended to use in some way with my East of the Sun, West of the Moon Bakery. Aha! The Cow That Jumped Over the Moon!

The rules state that we have to use as much in the packet as possible, and we can add three items. The only things that I didn't use were the beads and the printies. I did use the basket and the carton of milk.

I forgot to take a picture of the undressed cow. She was already made, but just had a plain fat muslin body. I am not sure where I got her, but it was many years ago, and I had originally planned to use her with MooMoo's Cow Shop. But, as it turned out, by the time I finished that big old shop I was too worn out to figure out how to make her any clothing, so she just lay there in the box all these years. Until the 2008 Luck of the Draw ....

I added the piece of pink print fabric for her hat but used the packet tulle for its bow.

I created her hat OVER the formed pink felt hat in the packet.

The black and white print made her ruffled bloomers. I used the heavy pink material for her dress and the black lacy stuff for her sweater. It was a real challenge making patterns for that bulky fat muslin body. Thank goodness they were fairly good-sized pieces of material, because I had several false starts trying to fit her.

She already had that smudge on her face, and I just left it.

If anyone asks, I say that it's there because she ate that chocolate rabbit that was included in the packet!

From the back you can see the seamline bulk that resulted from gluing that heavy pink fabric. Holy Cow! That was a bear to work with!

I added a bit of polka dot ribbon to go around the top of her sweater and form a bow.

I added the cheeses that were in ...

... and falling from her basket,

... and the pail of spilling cream. If I remember correctly, a tiny china kitten lapped from that pail in my daughter's dollhouse back in the 70s!

I spent a considerable time trying to figure out where and how to place her. I wound up using a very large needle to pull some black elastic thread through her fat bottom (ouch) to tie around the tip of the moon under her foot. That and lots of FabriTac and super glue worked to hold her at the angle I wanted.

So, even though I missed the deadline and wasn't even in the contest, I still enjoyed the challenge of the Second Luck of the Draw!

LATER: I originally planned to display her in a cabinet in my living room, with the moon leaning against the back wall. However, when my nephew and his wife came over, Vero nearly jumped out of her chair when she saw it, and it now resides on her living room wall. She collects cow stuff!



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