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I remarked recently about how fortunate I have been to visit FairyLand and meet some of its unique inhabitants. Did I tell you about the day I met Greenlocks?

Normally, Mother Goose meets me at the boundary, but on that day she had told me to go on over to the cottage, as she had some pressing business with one of her Councils.

"There's a loaf on the table, and you can make yourself some tea and get comfortable until I get back. Shouldn't take long; I believe the Reptile and Duck and Geese committees have worked out their grievances pretty much in advance."

Well, I always enjoy my time in Fairyland, whether on the back of Goosey with Mother Goose or just taking a slow walk through the environs. That day I especially enjoyed the coolness on my way to Mother Goose's cottage. I was nearly there when I rounded a turn on the path and saw someone perched on a tree stump.

She had a headful of astonishing green hair, and I could hear her murmuring. "Emeralda, Grunia ...."

I don't like to startle people by coming up behind them unannounced, so I said, "Hello?"

She swiveled around. "Well, hello yourself," she replied. "And who might you be?" she asked.

"My name is Wanna, from El Paso. I am a friend of Mother Goose and she invited me for a visit today."

"El Paso? Is that in the Far Reaches?"

"Well, some people might say that, but no, it's in Texas, in the United States of America."

"Hmm; can't say as I have met anyone from there before. You look rather sunburned, so I would have figured you weren't from around here."

"True; we do have a lot of sun in El Paso. A dermatologist once told me I should move to a rain forest in Oregon." I looked around. "The climate there is a lot like it is around here," I added.

She smiled. "I am sure you must have good reasons for staying in a place that gives you sunburn."

"Well, yes. The mountains, the people, the whole atmosphere of the place. I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else, so I make allowances. Use sunscreen, avoid going out between 10 and 4 in the summertime, wear a hat ..."

She smiled. "We occasionally have sunny days here, but I don't have to worry. My hair is my hat."

"That is definitely convenient."

"You must excuse me if I seem distracted, " she said. "I am contemplating, and I need to make a decision very shortly."

"Oh, I am so sorry; I certainly wouldn't want to distract you," I said.

"Oh, it's not you," she said. "It's me. I am on my way to christen my baby, and I can't make up my mind what I want to call her," she said, looking down at the infant in her arms.

"Oh, she is so sweet," I said.

"I see she has your hair, too!"

"Yes, all females on my side of the family have hair in various shades of green. My parents weren't too imaginative when they named me Greenlocks, so I was hoping for something different for my own child. Her father is no help; he sugested GreenFuzz. Can you imagine? Of course, he was joking, but still ... "

"He sounds like my husband," I said.

"I've been going through all these names, to continue the lineage of green hair - Verdancia, ..." Her voice trailed away.

"What about Zalias? Seems to me I recall that means green in Lithuanian."

She looked at me. "Hmm..."

"Well, Greenlocks, I shall leave you to make your decision. It has been such a pleasure meeting you and seeing your wonderful baby."

"Thank you, Wanna. I hope to see you again someday."

And as I walked on to Mother Goose's cottage, I could hear her voice fading behind me, "... Zalias, Verdancia ...."


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