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September 2006


I worked on these fairies over several years and knew generally how I wanted to use them, but their setting didn't really come together until my daughter called one day on her lunch hour.

"I found this large dome, and it's only $9.99," she told me, describing it. "Do you want it?" Did I!! I already had a similar dome, hand blown in Portugal, and even though I had gotten it for half price after Christmas, it was nowhere near that cheap. What a deal!

The new big dome is now home for The Fairy Sitters, Redd and Blondy, whose turn it is to mind the little ones.

By their very nature, fairies are somewhat flighty, occasionally irresponsible, so they always work in pairs, one as Entertainer ....

... and one as Catcher in case of emergency.

This is Redd, who was Catcher last time.

She likes to hang about among the large vines that encircle Fairyland.

Fortunately, although she looks as if she's hanging precariously, those wings are there for a reason!

Blondy is resigned to Catcher duty,

... although her wings are quivering!

"Well, all right, guys, are you going to jump or not?"

"Come on! I'll catch you!"

"Pretty please?"

"Didn't you like swinging when you were little, Blondy?"

"See, we've been playing Dress Up, and it makes us feel really grown up to be high in the air this way."

"Well, whatever ...."

One down, three to go.




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