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Until recently, this is the way the opposite end of the den appeared. In there, over the stereo, is where The Wife of Bath resided. That unit, however, has been moved to the living room, along with the two angled end sections. We moved the two bookcases from the living room to flank the unit with the television. It was a monumental job changing all those pieces, but well worth it in the long run. Both rooms look better.

This unfortunately bad picture shows the right end of the unit, visible over the arm of a sofa, which has now been moved to the living room.

But the main focus of that area was at the opposite end, another grouping of Green Men related pieces which I have picked up or been given over the years.

This Green Woman head on the top shelf is flanked by a Roseville pottery candlestick with embossed designs of flowers and leaves. She now resides on a shelf over the love seat in the den.

Here she was at night.

Here is another Roseville grouping with more embossed plant and leaf designs. The vase is Blackberry; the sugar bowl and shallow dish are Cotton Boll, I think it's called.

I have a tall necked Roseville pitcher that was accidentally broken nearly thirty years ago by - gasp - a cleaning lady! She tried to glue it back before I got home and made such a mess that I stashed it in a closet all these years; couldn't bear to look at it. Now, however, I am going to take a deep breath and get it out of that closet again. I have read so many hints for removing glue on the miniatures lists that I want to see if it can be reglued and add it to this grouping. Heck, it's so shadowy in that unit that the line will probably never show anyway.

The wax candle on the left has four faces; their hair is leaves and stems. I have had that candle for over twenty years, probably; long before I had ever heard of a Green Man.

Although it's not easy to tell here, the silver vase has embossed leaves and flowers, as well. I added it during the holiday season and hadn't removed it when these photos were taken. That fairy was a Christmas ornament but I thought she looked good there so just left her.

This Pegasus music box was a surprise gift one anniversary from my husband. It plays Beautiful Dreamer. For the significance of the song, refer to The Guest Room Shadowbox in the Miscellaneous pages.

It's hard to capture his beauty in a photograph. He has an almost translucent quality; his wings spread wide and he is very lovely. Although not strictly a Green Man figure, he seems to fit well.

This McCoy pottery bowl on a corner shelf at the end of the unit was a gift from my mother. The bird sits amid a cluster of embossed leaves and twigs. The top shelf holds an anniversary clock; not pictured here.

The stained glass clock on the bottom shelf has flowers and leaves and was a Christmas gift from my daughter. Hanging to the right is a wee little fellow who peers from grapeleaves.

Omigosh, he's a Green Baby! I love his hat. Turn toward us, little one, please?

Look at his wild little hair! And those hands are so cute. If you look closely, you can see one little foot peeking out from the grape cluster on the bottom left.

If it weren't for those tiny feet hanging down, we couldn't tell from the back who he is, could we?

This glass-topped table in the corner held another grouping. I have had that lamp for many years, but it had a white glass ruffly shade.

Then a year or so ago I was thrilled to find this glass shade at a large lighting store near where my daughter lives. It was the only one like it that I saw and cost a heck of a lot more than I would normally pay, but it seemed so perfect with the Green Men items that I got it.

It changed the whole character of that little lamp. I had it and the lights in the entertainment center connected to a timer and every time I hear its click when it comes on each night, I love looking at it.

This Green Man paper collage is one of my treasures and was made by my dear friend of many years, Pat.

You can see a whole world of mystery in his eyes.

Although it's not too evident here, there are several areas that glint and glitter, such as the leaf on the lower right and some of the red leaves above. I think she used foil paper to make them.

That little green flower bowl I have had at least thirty years or more. The candle I found at Ross last year and the little goldish-green box I found at Tuesday Morning.

That tablecloth under the glass is made of many separate embossed velvet leaves stitched lightly to an underskirt. It just called out to me from the shelf in the store. Even half off, it was still expensive, but there was no way I could pass it up. I tried it first on the living room table where the other grouping is, but it is so over the top that it became a distraction. In this corner, however, it was perfect. It was hard to get a good picture of it, though.

I just remembered there is another photo in the Landscaping pages: Wicker Chair in the Glass Box, which shows this tablecloth more clearly; at least the top part of it.

These groupings change periodically with my mood and the seasons. Actually, none of these things are in this position now; just the bookcase units and the tv unit. The items are still around, just in other places.

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