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We moved from a mobile home to this house and didn't have much furniture at all. The very first new piece we bought was this etagere; a perfectly illogical thing to do when I was using an electric skillet, a crock pot and an electric coffee pot because we didn't even have a stove. But it established a particular mood for our house that we have always liked and we have never been sorry.

Green Man and The Desert Dweller, along with a couple of other special pieces, now occupy this etagere in our living room. However, at the time these photos were taken the etagere was in our living room, which is a step down from the living room to the right. Not visible here, but directly underneath the photo's lower edge, is a waterfall cedar chest that was an anniversary gift to my husband's mother from his father when my husband was just a baby. It sat at the edge of the living room and served as sort of a divider visually separating the living room from the den. However, the cedar chest, our recliners to the left and a sofa which is on the den wall directly across from the etagere, made it very difficult to get far enough away for a good full length picture.

This Green Man face occupied the right side of the top shelf. He was a gift from a friend.

Here he is for a better picture outside the display cabinet. He is an example of the mask form of Green Man.

I was supposed to accompany my friend Pat on a trip to France, but for medical reasons was unable to go. This picture was a gift that she presented to me after she got home. Notice the wonderful scrolling vine, leaves and rose detail of the frame.

She and her daughter were with a tour group in the magnificent Chatheau de Fontainebleu when she looked up and saw a Green Man high on the stone wall. "I was so excited that Katherine thought I was nuts," she said. "I wanted that picture so much for you that my hand was shaking as I lifted the camera high to try to capture him before the group passed on."

And here he is. I got all teary and my throat filled with a great lump of joy/sadness when I saw this picture; joy because she captured him for me, sadness because I wasn't there to see him myself.

Here's the Desert Dweller on the second shelf. Ooops, I should've noticed that the door catch had slipped over. Better go straighten that!

And here Green Man peers out from the bottom shelf. Oops again; there I am reflecting in the glass on the left.

He has been extending that pod for someone to take all these years.

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