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When I started grouping my Green Man collections, my daughter gave me this ceramic leaf. She said, "This looks like it would go with your stuff, Mama." I thought she had made it when she was growing up, but she couldn't remember making it, and had always thought I had made it and given it to her! Who knows?

A couple of years after she had made the Green Man collage for me, my friend Pat said, "Now you need a Green Woman."

"Well, they are quite rare," I said. " Not nearly so prevalent as the male figures."

And not long after that, she presented me with a wonderful new collage, shown on this table with Dana's leaf and Olivia's cube.

"I began with the face," Pat said, "and everything just came after that. I did consciously plan the dark flower just below and to the left of her face to reflect the darkness of the upper right corner, and I wanted the purple of the bloom in the lower right corner to be reflected by the small purple blooms that extend onto the frame at the top left. After that, though, it just went where it wanted to. I really wasn't aware of the curving lines in it until after it was done."

Her "hat/headdress" was from a piece of jewelry and was the last element added. Here you can get a better idea of the many layers of paper that are in this collage. Like the Green Man collage, there are deliberate bits of glitter and shine here and there, but they don't show up in the photograph Notice the face on the right? It snuck up on me; at first I just saw it as part of her hairdo!

I can't wait to see what Pat comes up with next!




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