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(Since I first created this page I have TONS more items waiting for a home. lol)


I have always liked making plants and doing gardening scenes. I have done potting benches and landscaped houses, etc., and still keep making and collecting more individual items. Until I figure out what scenes to put these things in, I've been taking them from drawers so that I can enjoy them, and others hopefully will, too.


I found this black box with the brass corners and latch at Big Lots for $7.99, a great buy, in my opinion, for starting to display some of my many plants and flowers. (It is at an angle because the mirror in the back made it difficult to photograph.)

The sundial was purchased at Michael's, I think. The plant stand is a 99 cent wire wicker Christmas ornament spray painted black.

I made the bucket with the crows and the yellow flowers for a plant swap. The pink plant next to it as well as the plant in the red container were swaps I received. The pansies were made by Dawn of Dawn's Minis. I made the rest of the plants.


This mirrored case sits atop my husband's armoire in our bedroom. It is a way station for numerous pieces waiting to be put into a scene.

This little orchid was a swap gift and needs to be potted into the appropriate container.

This stone pot with horsetails and emerging iris was a swap gift. The topiary at the rear was a gift from my daughter.

I found the wall fountain at Big Lots once. The two pots of flowers were swap tems. The swan was a show gift at a Southwest Mini Roundup in Roswell, NM.

The bonsai was a gift from my friend Sandi many years ago. The funny looking red plant was my first geranium - punched petals glued to a green bead. You can see a bead visible where petals have fallen off! Kind of tacky, but I am such a sentimentalist I keep it because it was the first one.

This piece of statuary was part of a wind chime.

This lily was a swap gift, too.

The tulips are made from some dried plant material that I found in the desert and painted.

The angel was one of some neat pieces that were offered at Michaels one summer.

Several topiaries; most were gifts. The coleus were some I made in my first plant-making attempts.

This delightful stone fountain was a gift at Roswell. I added the climbing rose greenery at the base.

This succulent is made of mini plant leaves from an artificial stem. It's in a rough stone pot from Mexico.

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