I was absolutely thrilled to win this centerpiece at the NAME National in Minneapolis in 1988, or was it 1989? It sits on a turntable; one side is the boathouse interior, the other is the dock.

Unfortunately, over the years I have lost the information as to who its talented creator was. It is classy work with great details, from the damp footprints on the dock to the fish scales on the floor inside the boathouse.

To echo the name Peppermint Point, the life preserver hanging on the wall is a peppermint design. The outdoor setting on the sides is hand painted, as well.

You might notice that a Coleman lantern has fallen from a nail on the wall and is blocking the doorway. The glass wall is sealed and I am reluctant to mess with it, so I just pretend that our fisherman was so excited at the thought of catching a big one that he knocked it down and forgot about it as he raced out the door.

If anyone knows who made this, I would like to know so that I can give due credit to superior work.

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