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I thought for a long time about doing some kind of mini scene to go along with the story of our family's Tetley Teapot.

As I sat at my kitchen table staring at the little teapot in the china cabinet and mulling over how I might do it, it occurred to me that I have quite a few little teapots just languishing in drawers.

So, while waiting for inspiration to strike with the Tetley Teapot scene, I decided to do something with a few of those teapots.

This little hutch with some of the mini teapots from my collection now resides next to the Tetley Teapot in our china cabinet.

At first I filled the hutch with all teapots, but it just was too much. So I decided to intersperse the display with some china place settings instead. The back of the cabinet is dark so lighter colors were chosen.

I like this much better. Plus, some of these pieces have sentimental attachments, as well. The little polka dot place setting is from Miss Minnie's dinner service. The gold rimmed set on the right was one of my first show purchases back in the late 80s.

The country crockery pieces in the middle of this shelf were my first non-food purchases from the late and beautiful Mary Eccher. The teapot on the right has a snail on the lid. It and the sunflower teapot were purchased at the Lubbock show three or four years ago; unfortunately, at the moment I can't recall who made them.

The doilies on the shelves were cut from a variety of laser trims that decorated a gorgeous Mother's Day card from my daughter and her family. I have carefully saved those beautiful lacy pieces to use very judiciously. I used a few in Miss Minnie's Hattery Flattery Hatshop.

The teapot on the left I purchased in The Pike Place Market in Seattle on our first trip to the Pacific Northwest. I found several teapots that day, including some quite elaborate Oriental designs that were too big for this shelf.

The yellow teapot was made by Karen Stull of Skycrest Products, I believe. The brown teapot has been in my stash a long time; don't know where I got it.

I need to figure out a way to display my other mini teapots in some simple fashion like this. What a shame to leave them in a dark drawer where no one ever sees them.

Until that time, I will enjoy seeing some of them, anyway.



March, 2010: The Tetley Teapot setting is now complete and you can see a display created for the family story here. And one of these days you can read about my sister Ann and her teapot collection.

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