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December 2010

I had an email back in October from Dave Shepherd, who wrote, "I just wanted to share with you my rendition of the mossy glen. The inspiration goes to you about 2 years ago. I am slow but eventually  I get there."

Mossy Glen was a tutorial I designed for the CreationsinMiniature group in 2004. Over the years various people have told me they used that tutorial for their own versions.

This is one of them. Dave paints military and other figures. His version is 1/35th, or about half scale. Isn't it great?

A tiny bird perches atop the remnant of an ancient tree.

Its eye is drawn to the figure below, who is surrounded by beauty,


from the pink blossoms on the vine climbing up the old tree,

... to the blooms and plant life at the base of the stump.

Thank you so much for sharing it with me, Dave, and now with others who visit my website. It doesn't matter that you took two years to get it done - YOUR Mossy Glen is great.

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