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The Mossy Glen was designed as a project for the Creations in Miniature Group in 2004.

Over time, several miniaturists have made their own Glens as a result of that project. Sorry it's take me so long to get these on my website, but here are several of them.


(About 1/24th Scale)

Fern "from little Rhode Island" continues to amaze with how quickly she can come up with a new setting. She was one of the first to make her Mossy Glen, with cute little fairies enjoying the sparkling water.

That wasn't enough for her, though, and she wanted to add these horses drinking from a nearby pond.

So Fern's Mossy Glen grew to fill an entire aquarium!


(1/12 Scale)

This Mossy Glen by Christine in S. Africa has a magnificent tree.

Look how effectively she has created the tree's texture and gnarled roots.

I suppose this fairy is waiting for some little somebody who lives behind that door!


(1/12th Scale)

This Mossy Glen, which also emphasises the tree, is almost Oriental in style, and was done by Chell.

Here it is from another angle. She has just poured the glue-water. Unfortunately, I do not have a final picture of the completed setting, but it is awesome at this stage, isn't it?


(1/12th Scale)

This Glen is by Bobbi. Still in its early stages, she has painted the first layer and is applying plaster around the base of her dead tree. Her next step will be painting the entire surface to blend it all together before she carves out the section for her water. Wonder if she finished it?


(FairyLand Scale!)

Sophie's Mossy Glen began with the dead tree with a door in its base. She created the entire tree from scratch. Here it is, ready for the last layer of brown and grey paints.

Here she has added a painted background and completed her major landscaping, with a variety of flowers and plants for her setting.

Look at that stream and the varying shades of the water loving plants along it.

Sophie was so inspired that she saw this as an opportunity to use a little musical owl in a gazebo that she especially liked.

Look how effectively she integrated the gazebo into the setting.

But wait a minute, who is he conducting to or for out here in the Woodland?

Well, these little guys are either singing or listening.

I can almost hear the music as the forest animals follow Owl's direction!

Sophie wrote me that she planned to encase this Undergrowth Symphony entirely in glass.


(1/144th Scale)

Nertha made her setting in a tiny 144th scale dome. This is N scale in model railroading.

Here are the beginning stages of Nertha's project. Remember, this base is not much bigger than a nickel!

To meld all the elements together, she has given it a unifying undercoat. The second picture has the additon of the old tree and the "stone" layer has been painted and shadowed. By the third picture she has done the painting for the stream and begun adding the mosses.

Here are three views as the various elements are drying. Notice the realism of her stone in this tiny scale.

Isn't this awesome? I think she may have added a hiker but I don't have later photos. Amazing to get that amount of realism in such a tiny scale!


And, of course, Lenora is an expert in 144th scale, too. Here is her Mossy Glen within its tiny glass dome.

She has even added a tiny moose. Notice also the variety of her undergrowth.

Aren't these delightful? I know there are more MOSSY GLENS out there, so if you have done a variation of your own, I would love to add them to these pages.

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