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You know how you start out looking for one thing and find something else you didn't even know or remember you had lost?

I recently found excerpts in my files from some correspondence that came in late 2009 from Mary Johnson in connection with the Mossy Glen project, but unfortunately I have lost or deleted the original emails. I have interspersed some pictures Mary had sent with her emails; hope they match!

Better late than never ...


Wanna, Sorry to be slow, there has been so much going on, between club meeting a dead refrigerator AND a dead freezer, all needing immediate attention!   Sigh. . . .

OK,  Five members plus a sister and daughter of Yaki Minis members (a NAME club) gathered at Abby Carlson's home near Wenatchee WA for three days of "fairy Weekend", Oct 16, '09.  

If you want to wait a little bit for more pictures or just use a few pictures for now, I'll take pictures of finished scenes and send in a few weeks (we meet once a month - or as the whim to "get together" hits us!

Rosemary Shipman

We were delighted that Rosemary Shipman, one of our state NAME reps, could join us for the weekend as she lives close to Abby. 

Abby planned, organized and provided the undressed, unwigged fairies and elves.  We all brought our own bases (thus, various sized scenes) and any flora, fauna and "Glitter" (Abby's FAVORITE ingredient for any project!)  We stayed at Abby's and worked as a "whimsey" siezed us (which was all the time!)   Abby had a lot of fabrics, twigs rocks flowers etc from nature and a ton of glitter and rhinestones that we could use if we wanted.

Abby didn't get to work much on her scene because she did so much work and "tutoring" for us.  She is now working on her scene and will have a small pond or flowing water in it- ala Mossy Glenn! 

I do not have "final" pictures for a couple of participants, BUT I think you will enjoy seeing this.  All are one inch scale scenes, and we costumed, wigged "glittered" and "winged" our dolls under Abby's tutelage.    There was so much glitter and fairy dust in the scenes that it's a wonder there wasn't some camera "blow back!"
I was taking pictures at various stages- and whenever someone said they were "finished".   In truth, we never "finished" because we kept adding, changing and enhancing our scenes.   I will take complete finished pictures when these are brought to club next month, and can send you pictures of  the "finished products, then.   I'm probably sending too many pictures, but you clearly know how to edit (great website, by the way, Wanna)

Oh, one other project that turned out to be "more than we could handle" in one weekend was to create a tree from scratch, with supplies and instructions generously donated by Larry Hecox, Portland, OR.   Though we did it "backwards" (should have created tree first) We started the  tree and will finish them to go with our scenes.  

Karen Hogan's setting. In Karen's scene you can see a tree I made. My little elf is looking upwards, so have to put him under his tree, looking at birds/bees. It will go under a dome and I need to take a closer picture.

Karen used it to "stage" her scene, until she finishes her own tree this week.  I made the tree from scratch with kit by Larry Hecox

Rosemary's Fairy

Mary Ellen's elf- first scene of two that she made.  I love the bird nest and the little unconcerned elf- maybe he should worry about that bird so close! 


Mary Ellen's fairy is admiring the twig cradle made by Abby's daughter Katy. Katy is just a beginning miniaturist but WHAT TALENT!  (takes after her mama!)  We kept offering her money to sell her furniture and the last (joking) bid was up to around 750.00, but she was totally ignoring us!

Mary Ellen's second scene

Closer look at Karen's adorable fairy off to find a spot in the woods.

I am sending two emails, since I'm afraid to overload your email with too many pics  (I'm not computer literate, Wanna, if there is a better way- well, maybe I'll learn. . . ."old dog, new tricks, kind of thing.)  

The upshot of our weekend is that we decided to have a full workshop weekend every two months (in addition to club meetings) so in January we start with a teacup scene that Rosemary will come and "tutor" us with.  

I wish I had discovered miniatures 40 years ago when my sister encouraged me to collect antique dolls, sigh. Miniatures is soooo much more satisfying to me, though I do have some really nice old dollhouse dolls- even back then I was attracted to tiny things.  ' Just didn't know I was supposed to be doing miniatures until we moved to Washington!  Enjoy, Wanna, and thanks for looking at these (hope I gave you enough info.) 

Best regards, Mary Johnson  


I don't know if other pictures came in later or not. If so, I wonder where THEY are? Who knows how many bits and pieces get inadvertently saved in a totally unrelated folder by accident ...

Happens to me all the time, unfortunately.


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