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This is the Hallmark stove offered for Christmas 2004.

I made the mistake of debating about buying one for too long, and then was unable to get one in El Paso. However, Carolyn in Niagara found and mailed one to me, to my everlasting gratitude.

I have the pot rack from Christmas 2003, and love its craftsmanship and detail. I haven't yet met the person whose baking we see in progress here. I know one thing, she's a neat and tidy soul!

This little setting depicts my fantasy: baking cookies for my loving family. However, I discovered a long time ago that baking cookies was not very rewarding. Before the oven had even cooled every cookie had been gobbled up by my loving family. All that work, and nothing to show for it! Heck, half the time I didn't even get one for myself!

Is this great, or what? We even know what time those cookies came out of the oven! And there's a jar of candy sprinkles!

I love hot chocolate, and apparently so does the cook and her companion.

Well, these little shakers look vaguely familiar, don't they?


I have hung a kitchen towel very like this from my oven door handle for years.

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