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This gift wrapping scene was made quite a few years ago and was designed to fit inside the same little glass box with a mirrored back that is also used for the Chicken Hutch.

Here it is shown inside the same real life corner hutch where the Chicken display usually resides, but early in the season it sits on the coffee table. I found the box at a flower and gift shop. The clerk said he thought it originally showcased small collector-type Barbies. I really like it because it is perfect for small vignettes like this one.

Somebody's really been busy here! She must've had to answer the phone or the doorbell, or ....

That's a tiny wooden choo-choo in the open green gift box.

That teddy bear is intended for the open red box. Oh, the doughnuts and hot chocolate sure are tempting!

That's a partridge in a pear tree on the pillow, from a really neat print fabric of the Twelve Days of Christmas. The ruffle was a small strip cut from fabric pleated on one of those rubber pleaters and the trim is pulled gold bunka. I made pillows for our club as Christmas gifts from that fabric. Wish I had bought more.

The gift wrap was cut from both mini designs and regular gift paper.

The stars on this package were punched from the liner of an old Christmas card.

The rolls were made by wrapping and gluing the paper around a bamboo skewer. The plain white bag was trimmed with blue car striping tape and a snowman sticker.

The holly tag and other gift tags were cut from real-life Christmas cards. The dog waiting patiently for a bite of doughtnut was one of several resin animals I bought at a great price when the Pic'nSave (now Big Lots) stores first opened in El Paso. Besides dogs and cats, I purchased crabs, beaver, a raccoon (which lives in the Edsel Elf scene) and rabbits. I have repainted many of them.

For this scene, however, I only added his plaid collar, bow and little golden bell.

The plaid basket with brown paper packages to mail has a bottle lid base to which I glued a strip of cotton from the top of an aspirin bottle. A circle of plaid fabric was just pulled up and glued to the inside of the bottle cap. White lace ruffling covered the raw edges, red bunka was glued to the rim and a bow added to one side.

Notice the string that ties the top package? This dates the scene to some years ago before the Post Office began requiring tape only!

This storage box for gift wrap was a totebag favor at a show.

If our gift wrapper doesn't get back here soon, either I or the dog will have those doughnuts!

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