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January, 2008

When I was going through my stash right after Thanksgiving I came across a little Christmas tree that I had made probably ten years ago for my mother for her display lamp and had not used since she passed away in 2001.

I decided to bring it out again for Christmas, 2008.

When I made her tree, I used a neat little Christmas print with a design of teddy bears and gingerbread men for the gathered tree skirt, which helped determine the theme. Unfortunately, as has happened to me before, by the time I got all the packages glued on, most of the design of the skirt was obscured.

Decorations on the tree included glass rocking horses, painted wooden ornaments and "pearl" bells.

I really worked that year making packages, bows, tags and trims. The little teddy bear on the felt stocking was made with pompoms.

You can see this tree in Mother's lamp here.




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