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This was my first Halloween scene, completed when my two oldest grandsons, now handsome young men in their 20s, were small.

As I recall, this was the first Chrysnbon kit that I put together. Nowadays I would load it more fully and it probably wouldn't look nearly so clean. I mean, how many witches do I know who actually dust their furniture?

Wonder what happened to that other knob?

The witch whom I called Velda is a Wilton cake ornament. She was holding a broom in her hands, which I removed. I liked this look better, as if she's rubbing her hands together with delight at entertaining the trick-or-treaters. I don't think I did anything else to her. If I were to do it now, I would use a dirty water wash to tone down the shine and perhaps repaint her black hat and dress.

I notice now that a jug has gotten tipped over at some point over the years (the blob of wax that was supposed to hold it, didn't!).

The little Dracula and Frankenstein trick or treaters representing my grandsons were inexpensive plastic figures.

This is Velda's potions cart. See Michael's Hutches Tutorial for making a cart like this. That tiny witch beside it is one of the witch's distant cousins, who drank the shrinking potion by mistake.

The back side of the dome scene.


I visited another witch years later. You can see her grungier kitchen in The Witch's Supper in the Children's Projects pages, along with a Graveyard Trick or Treater.

And, in 2007, I visited Bonerella Skelly's Custom Millinery. Perhaps you might like to see her and her husband Scully here.

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