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When I found a great shamrock print, I decided to do a dome scene with some of the other St. Patrick's items I had collected.

The plaque on top of the china cabinet is an old Irish blessing cut from a mail order catalog and backed with cardboard. The flower arrangement is in a wicker basket I made in a workshop. The Blarney crock is Skycrest.

The standing plates are inexpensive paper plates given a coat of varnish and the green and amber glassware is Chrysnbon. The china pieces were out of scale as a cup and sugar and creamer, so I used them as flower holders and a canister. The tomato teapot was purchased.

The cheesecake is made from a painted button; the raspberry sauce is glue mixed with red acrylic paint and model railroad apples, and the dab of whipped cream on top is white silicone caulking. The Irish coffee and shamrock cookies were purchased.

I purchased the gift package several years ago at a show in Albuquerque.

The skirted table is made on a cut-down frozen orange juice can. The silverware and lacey-edge dessert plates are Chrysnbon; the mugs are Skycrest. The napkins are cut from the corners of facial tissue.

The cake is a bottle cap painted with white acrylic; the shamrocks are Fimo; the tiny leprechaun was purchased at a show.

For some reason, I included a bag of groceries. Don't remember now why. I had so much fun contriving in my early days; maybe I was just thrilled that I had learned how to make groceries and a paper bag, even if not very well. lol

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