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In my early days as a miniaturist, Pat McNally (PatsyMac), who now lives in the Texas Hill Country, gave Saturday workshops in her home in El Paso once or twice a month.

I made the glazed carrots, peas with pearl onions, pineapple and lime jello, and cranberry sauce in one of my first Fimo workshops with Pat. I wasn't too happy with my first Fimo turkey, so used one that was purchased. The rolls in the basket were a totebag favor.

Here's a relish plate I made in a later workshop with Pat. It was the first time I worked with canes and I was really pleased with the tomatoes. The onion rings were cut from a translucent straw. The cucumbers actually look better in real life than they do in the photo.

The candleholders were made with beads, silk roses and greenery and tiny bread dough turkeys from Mexico. I made the cornucopia from needlepoint canvas saturated with a glue/water mixture and dried over a form shaped from Fimo. (I have since made many other cornucopias using that same form, with various fabrics; each quite different, but all fun to do.) I also made the Fimo fruit.

Looks like someone has taken a bite out of that dinner roll.


Other foods traditional in our family have since been added to the table, including mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, cornbread dressing, green beans and fruit salad.


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