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After Christmas I found a fabulous glass and gold Nativity set in this mirrored base dome at half price. I packed away the Nativity figures until next Christmas, but plan to use this new dome throughout the year. Here is its first use!

I don't have a closeup, but the little Cupid on top of the wire wicker stand is made of Fimo. The pink straw heart candy box and candies were made in a club workshop conducted by Billie Haynie, daughter of Karen Stull. I made the padded picture frames and gave them to club members as little gifties. We made the little shopping bag from miniature heart wallpaper one year.

I enjoy getting these items out for Valentines each year because they are among my earliest efforts and purchases and include several items made by the first miniaturists I became acquainted with back in the 80s.

This is another holiday display that is easy to put together. The individual items are stored until February, although one of these days I'd like for all these holiday items to be visible all the time. Since this picture was made, a braided rug by Sadie Ludecke has been added.

You may notice also that the wire wicker stand has different items on top in this picture. This was the original configuration. I changed them one year to emphasize more of my earliest efforts.

The punch was one of my first experiences using resin and purchased Fimo canes. The other desserts were made from Fimo, wood, etc. Most of the whipped cream toppings were made with white silicone.

This chair was a very light color; I added a stain to emphasize the detail in the carving and around the spindles.

The bear in the chair is a Hallmark piece; the cushion was a scented sachet pillow. The locking diary on the candlestick table was made with an old Scrabble tile covered with red flocked ribbon. The heart was cut from a piece of lace and the lock and key are charms. I made that diary in a little workshop at the home of Patriicia McNally, known as PatsyMac professionally. She was my mentor and now lives in the Texas Hill Country. It nearly killed me when she moved away!

The gift box was made by my friend Sandi, who also made wonderful flowers. A Black Forest cake and Cherry Delight dessert topped with whipped cream were among other foods made in Patricia's workshops.

The plaid chair and skirted table were made by my friend Mary Lou. She did not belong to our club and I only saw her at local doll shows and occasionally at craft shows. She was so talented. I cannot believe how well she did in matching up that plaid. Although Mary Lou is deaf, we communicated quite well with gestures and smiles and written notes. Sadly, she moved away, too. No one seemed to know where she had gone.

I made the pillow. It was the first time I used the technique where you tip-press with the point of the iron to seal a glue seam around the edge of a form. When dry, cut away the excess and add a trim. Easy way to make a pillow!

The lamp shade is an early effort made from a pingpong ball, beads, and a finding for a base. (I wish I had turned the better side out when I glued it on that table. Perhaps next Valentines Day I will rotate it and take another picture.) That's a Chrysnbon cup filled with punch. The card was made by cutting on the fold of a full-size Christmas card and adding a heart sticker. I wrote the message on the inside.

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