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January, 2008

Bombay Furniture Company had some excellent miniature furniture buys for a few years. During that time, I bought just about everything they offered, including a tea cart.

When I was putting away the Christmas items that occupied Mother's Display Lamp, I came across one of those carts. Mother made some truly luscious desserts over the years, so ....

Here is the tea cart for Valentine's Day, 2008, in Mother's Lamp.

My goodness, what a sugar overload one could get at Mother's! One side of the tea cart has been raised, because Mother rarely ever had just one treat. As if the desserts weren't enough, she had chocolates, too. Or did someone else bring those?

This special treat has one slice cut, ready for serving.

Mother really had a great version of Black Forest Cake.

She liked to get out her pretty plates ...

and cutwork linen tablecloth and napkins,

and her red cups.

and the Cupid Candleholder.

Hmm; looks like somebody got some Valentine's gifts today.




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