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I came across this little green egg recently when I was rearranging the shelves in the playroom-turned-back-into-a-guestroom.

This is the first setting I ever made inside a small ceramic container. And it is a perfect example of a learning experience.

What's my first mistake? Well, unless it is at eye level, you can't see anything except the rabbits, and even then it's hard to see my accessories. Even though I thought I should locate them higher on the wall so that they wouldn't be obscured by the rabbits, I know now they would have been better located lower down.

This is a good example of the need to get up occasionally from the worktable and take the container to the bookcase or shelf or wherever it's going to be sitting, and then step back and look at it. I didn't even think about doing that.

You really have to peer in to see the shelf and mirror, don't you? I was really proud of my flowers (the first in a smaller scale that I made), but who's going to see them way back there? And that shelf is a bit thick, isn't it? On the other hand, I don't know that rabbits are too much concerned about scale, either.

And, oh heck, the mirror is crooked!

And at the opposite end, randomly stuck on, hangs a rabbit family photo and an iris plaque.

The bottom line here is that I should've moved all the accessories more toward the center. I think they just look odd, stuck off at either end like this.

And, oh mercy, look here! The lamp is listing! This is another good illustration of how the camera focuses on all the flaws, especially in very small scales. And actually that lamp is a bit too big for that little table, I think.

And, finally, ....

I made a carpet to glue directly on the bottom. If I had made a false floor I would've been able to take advantage of the wider portion of the egg, which would elevate the rabbits, and then I could add a wee chair or something, perhaps.

Anyway, with all its flaws, I still have an affection for my little rabbits in their little green egg home. It also serves as a reminder to step back occasionally and check things out ....

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