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Some day I want to use these two pieces as fantasy homes.

I have a small collection of fairies and related items. I can see some of them living in the grapevine house.

The gourd was a gift from one of my students when I first started teaching. His grandfather raised gourds of all varieties. The old man remembered when gourds were still used as drinking utensils, scoops for grain, etc., but his were mostly grown for ornamental use at that time. He trained them to grow in all kinds of intriguing shapes. This one was trained to hang down so its neck would be straight.

I used this gourd for years to display fall arrangements. I can't decide whether to use it upright or on its side. In either case, I think I will cut another opening in the bulbous section of the top for more display possibilities.


These wooden boxes, although not very deep, have possibilities. I can see the Browne & Ashley Tea Co. box as either a tea shop or a tea shop, if you get what I mean. Meaning, a place where one is served tea at little tables, or a place where one buys teas. Hey, maybe it can be both; one per floor.

The front of the Crabtree & Evelyn box slides up. I'm thinking of a gift shop with lots of little soaps, potpourris, lotions, bath oils, lacy, frilly things and flowers.

NOTE: I gave these boxes to the woman and her daughter who did the Harvest Hutches with me in 2009.

Blackboard chalk once came in the old dovetailed wooden box that says Hygeia on the front. I found this at a yard sale. Since my husband and I were both teachers, this little box would be ideal to showcase a miniature school vignette; perhaps a single old-fashioned school desk (which I just happen to have) with a lunch box and book bag, and maybe pegs for coats and caps on the wall.


The box with the picture frame stand is only about an inch and a half deep, but it has possibilities, perhaps for the luggage pieces I've made. Maybe I could put a map in the back ....

The other two are jewelry boxes; the octagonal box has a place to insert a picture.

I suppose I could just use it as is, if I just wanted to display certain items, like articles of clothing and shoes, maybe. Otherwise, if I wanted to do a scene, I could remove that lining.

If the scene inside happened to relate to literature, then a copy of the poem or a page from the book could be inserted in the front. Hmm ...

From the first time I saw the jewelry box with the rose stained glass lid, I have pictured a dressing table in it. I could stand it up, put a floor in that would extend outward to provide a wider base, much as one does with those open books. On the other hand, if I want to keep the dust out, I need to be able to close it. Well, I guess it may depend on how much space there is after I remove the innards as to whether I use an existing dressing table or make one that is only as deep as the box.

I have two of these; no idea what to do with the second, unless I duplicate the scene and give it as a gift. Or?


I have thought of a Japanese garden for this container, but I also have an oriental styled green sofa and black lacquer trunk that could be displayed here.

I also was given a greeting card with an overlay of laser cut fans. I could make a false wall in the back, cover it with something resembling matting or barkcloth, and put those fans on it over the sofa.


I bought this at a craft show in Maryland years ago. Originally, I intended to use it as a porch, but no story suggested itself to me. I either need to do something with this or give it to somebody.

I have an interesting collection of frogs. Maybe I'll have some of them sitting on the porch zapping flies with their tongues.



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