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This great cabinet was a real find at Hobby Lobby. I immediately loved it because of its exotic paint job which made me think of Africa. Because its two shelves were badly warped, it had been greatly reduced.

The colors on this cabinet are much more vibrant than they appear here. Unfortunately, these photos are bad because of the poor lighting in my hallway, where the cupboard had been hanging for at least two years, waiting for the shelves to be replaced and painted. (In 2010 it is now on top of a shelf unit in a guest bedroom.)

For the longest time, I kept hauling one of those warped shelves back and forth in my totebag and somehow never seemed to remember to get new shelves cut at Lowe's or somewhere like that. My husband told me he would do it, but ....

Two shelves came with it, which would make the top "floor" quite low. I guess I will decide whether to use just one, halfway between, perhaps. I need to get out all the objects I have collected and made for a trial run to see how things fit.

My first thought was that this would be a gentleman's study and bedroom, but it may wind up as a shop instead.

There are so many different paint motifs here that it will be fun to fill it with not just African items; perhaps Moorish, Turkish, even some Oriental and other ethnic items might work, too.

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