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Finish Dana's Steps and Stones Shadowbox
Begun May 2003

My daughter had a wonderful print that she wanted to use in her new house. As she showed it to me, we came up with the idea that I would try duplicating the picture in miniature. Although it had a rather wide frame and mat, the actual print was only 5 by 7. At first I thought I might try recreating it in a larger box, but when we tried it on her wall next to the picture, a 5 by 7 shadowbox looked best. Since it is only about an inch deep, that will necessitate some finagling to get the depth I want within those confines.

The first thing I did was to make an enlarged copy of each section of the picture. This would enable me to duplicate the colors more closely when I could study them in detail.

Here, for example, I could study the ivy and geraniums more closely, as well as the detail on the pots. It would be interesting if I could perhaps do a few ivy leaves and perhaps a geranium bloom, maybe even a partial pot for dimension here.

This view provides both coloration and texture for the plant and the large pot. More than likely, I will use a form of paper tole to add dimension in this section. Perhaps I will make another red geranium bloom and a few leaves of ivy.

On closer examination of the doorway, I decide that I want the dimension of a "real" lantern extending from the wall, so I used my paint program to remove the painted one.

I kept a shadow. I may add a small piece of wood over the doorway, too, when I add the hook and miniature lantern.

I am not sure at this point what I will do with the upper right wall. This view also gives detail for the plants on the upper half wall.

I think I will cut a thin piece of either foamcore or heavy cardboard to give this half wall more depth. At this point I am not sure what I will do: I may just paste a copy of the print on top and then add some model railroad greenery to give the moss dimension.

Look at all these limestone color variations in light and shadow. I love that pot, too. May try duplicating half of it in Sculpey or some other clay. I found a pot with very similar detailing at the Tucson show, but don't know if it will actually fit in the bottom of the shallow shadowbox. If I use it, I will perhaps use the paint program to remove the depicted pot, just leaving the shadows behind it.

Here are the lower center steps. I think I may duplicate these last three steps in either foamcore or clay.

This should be an interesting and challenging project. I really should finish it one of these days ....

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